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Hi I’m John. I'm a web developer (primarily PHP/MySQL and Javascript) with over 16 years experience in design and development.

I have experience in (large) online dating, social networking, e-commerce, news sites, blogs, travel planning and booking... as well as all kinds of other purpose built applications including mobile web technologies. I'm also quite familiar with the various ways of integrating Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social networks.

Specific strengths include: PHP/MySQL, Codeigniter, Bootstrap, javascript, jQuery (including UI and Mobile), Responsive Design, PayPal and Stripe integration, Facebook (social) authentication and app development.

I recently found out that my wife and I will be parents in the not too distant future. For this reason I am now quite motivated to find a stable permanent position. I have loved the freelance lifestyle but with a family on the way I think stability is more important than flexibility. While we do have some preferences as to where we would like to relocate to, I am looking at offers from practically anywhere within the USA. For most out of state moves I would expect some sort of relocation assistance but if the opportunity is good enough I may be willing to work around that. I am also completely open to any permanent, direct-hire remote positions.

Please email me if you are interested. The phone number in the contact section of this website is direct to voicemail. I will happily share skype, google hangout, phone number etc. with you after initial contact.

If you are interested in hiring me for contract work:

I'm located in Asheville NC (USA) but work with clients all over the country. I'll happily take on a good foreign client as long as payment and communication work out well. (Other than English, I only speak a tiny bit of German)

I love new projects and startups but will be happy to assist with development needs for existing sites and businesses. I have a pseudo-specialty in restaurant websites.

I can also offer quality low cost hosting with a plesk control panel for your admin access as well as being both an affiliate and reseller of a great hosting service that often allows me to offer great discounts.

As a "full stack" developer, there's really not much I can't do for you so just let me know what you want.

I'll consider any project and will quote prices generously. Fast turnaround is in my best interest so you could be up and running really quickly if the project permits. The type of work and length of project will determine an hourly rate or a flat quoted fee.

If you are interested in discussing your project, please send me a message.



Custom CMS and Travel Booking site

The Stanley Weiss Collection

Custom inventory management and online showroom


Crypto currency conversion calculator


PHP/MySQL Developer, HTML CSS & Web Designer, Flash Designer/Developer

Independent Contractor / Freelance

I have been a freelance designer and developer since the middle of 1998 when I decided to move from a primarily systems role into a more creative role. Most of this time I maintained full time positions with various companies. Design projects have ranged from 3D animation and video editing to print, packaging and flier design for events. Web development and design projects ranged from small personal or art portfolio sites to custom e-commerce platforms and social networking/dating sites.

In 2010 I decided to leave the office and go back to full time independent work. Some projects are listed below but as a summary, for most clients I offer a full package including hosting, system design and administration, fully custom PHP back-end and modern, responsive front end design/development.

January 1998 - Present (22 years, 4 months, 24 days)


Sr. Web Developer

Brown and Miller Direct

Lead developer for most web projects at Agency. This included in-house ventures as well as client sites. We created survey sites and programs for car dealerships and other brick & mortar businesses, Created new social networks and dating sites, even the occasional new invention or product needed a site as it came to market. The largest site was FarmersOnly.com which was founded by one of the partners at the agency. See my projects below for more details.

I left the agency when I moved out of state. I became a contractor for them as they were unable to fill my position at that time. Most aspects of the site were again rewritten or re-optimized between myself and some new team members to further improve user experience and membership. In 2010 I decided I had been working on FarmersOnly.com long enough and chose to move on to more diverse and potentially challenging projects.

June 2006 - February 2010 (3 years, 8 months, 22 days)

Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area

Webmaster/developer & Print Production Designer

Cleveland Free Times

Developed and implemented the tech strategy for the online presence of The Cleveland Free Times. Designed and built web/database server. Installed, configured and maintained standard LAMP stack for web usage. Designed and developed PHP/MySQL and JS based CMS site for all news articles and specials as well as online classifieds and advertising. Created all needed custom programming for Free Times related promotions or events. Published all articles and online advertising for each weekly issue.

Detailed ongoing website duties included Design/update weekly paper content (stories, images, listings, classifieds, contests, giveaways and events) in online format. Manage and support web users, moderate forums and comments. Receive and redirect print-sales information requests to the appropriate departments. Manage server logs, monitor traffic trends and maintain all online advertising campaigns for CFT and all online advertising clients. Create new web modules and programs to meet the needs of the papers online presence.

Responsible for maintaining server and security.

Non web duties included print production ad design and layout.

April 2003 - December 2005 (2 years, 8 months, 30 days)

Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area

Flash Designer / Actionscript Developer

Ernst & Young (Intellinex)

Conceptualize and create interactive visual support, such as animations, tests / quizzes, for e-learning courses and marketing tools using Flash, actionscript and other available web technologies.

Work with the project team to design and implement various aspects of the courses such as UI/UX, general look and feel, test structure, delivery streamlining, and client satisfaction.

Development, testing, and debugging of advanced actionscript for the back-end of Flash events used in the courses and marketing tools.

January 2000 - October 2001 (1 year, 9 months, 30 days)

Downtown Cleveland Ohio

Flash Designer/Developer

ontimetraining.com (Dealers Group Limited)

Create static, interactive and animated graphics, quizzes and games to support corporate learning online.

Design interactive Flash animations with Action Scripting which reinforce the information in courses from the “subject matter experts” retained by ontimetraining.com

Implement and design interactive 3D visual tools and animations to demonstrate concepts covered in the courses.

January 1999 - December 1999 (11 months, 30 days)

Streetsboro, Ohio

Network Operations Technician


Maintain a 24-hour NOC with a large customer range from home users with dial-up access to our network, to large corporations, and private companies for whom we provide T3 lines, and router maintenance.

Troubleshooting connectivity issues, such as routing problems, DNS issues, or line trouble, with related telephone companies, other large providers, or our internal departments.

Working with our customers during outages due to network failure, or hardware failure, to find the fastest solution to their problems. Designing and implementing plans to resolve the issue, and minimize the amount of downtime experienced by the customer.

Advising customers on changes in our network structure, and how these will effect them. Working with the customer to ensure that any changes do not have an adverse effect on their network connectivity.

January 1998 - January 1999 (1 year)

Downtown Cleveland Ohio

IMC Help Desk Analyst and Network Support Technician

General Electric (via DeVore Technologies)

Front Line Help desk support with some admin function for General Electric Lighting. Platforms supported include, Windows 95, Windows 3.11, Windows NT 4.0, Novell NetWare File Servers, NT Networking, MS Exchange Networking, Oracle Servers, IBM mainframe, VAX systems, and various subsystems for Windows 95 and 3.11 such as the Norton Desktop, and Lightsmart Desktop.

Trouble-shooting user problems on all supported systems and applications. Talking users through basic operations and configuring their systems for business usage.

Onsite service for Devore Technologies clientele. Duties included delivering computers and LCD projector rentals for conference or training purposes. As well as site set-up and instructing clients in usage on purchases through Devore.

January 1997 - January 1998 (1 year)

Cleveland, Ohio

Wireless Technician / Electronic Services Technician

SeaWorld : Anheuser Busch Entertainment

Seasonal technician in "Tech Services"

We were responsible for building and maintaining nearly all aspects of the technology that let the park run and she shows go on. During my time there we built sound systems, lighting arrays, video screens laser and fireworks shows, park music systems, portable audio and PA systems. The only tech parts of the park we did not have our hands in were the phone systems and ticketing systems.

My specialty was building and maintaining the waterproof wireless microphone systems needed for the entertainers and animal trainers.

April 1995 - September 1997 (2 years, 5 months)

Aurora, Ohio

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John, Is an amazing programmer. While John and I worked together at Intellinex, John easily ran circles around the group. If you are looking for a technically savvy programmer, John is amazing in this field.

Dan Carbone
CEO and Founder of Virteom LLC

John worked for me for several years at the Cleveland Free Times. Not only was he a very talented graphic artist, but web master as well. In terms of web development, John proved to be a very creative and resourceful individual, (he had to be in order to accomplish the work on such a limited budget). In addition, John was a pleasure to work with and possessed a real "problem solving" attitude that he brought to work each day.

Matt Fabyan
SVP Advertising & Marketing

Working with John was a true pleasure. He's dedicated, creative, and an effective communicator. At one time, I was even considering grooming him for the Art Director position when I thought I'd be leaving the publication industry. Silly of me, maybe, as print didn't suit him nearly as well as interactive design, though to his credit he handled both with aplomb, and maintained top-notch professional bearings.

Ron Kretsch
Award Winning Publication Designer

John is the most brilliant web developer I have the privilege of working with. We have worked together on many projects. John's skills, analysis of functionality and knowledge of the web have always gone beyond what I would have ever expected. I look forward to many more projects with John and highly recommend his many talents.

John Hlucky
Owner at Lucky Graphics

John has an incredibly strong skill set and was extremely subjective with my project. He not only provided a service, but explained the process and taught me how I can manage and update information moving forward. He also took the time to show me some ways to improve my print marketing layouts. I would not hesitate to bring John in on any Web based or Graphic Design projects.

Jeff Kovatch
Owner, Kovatch Contracting, LLC

John is a gifted web developer, who writes clean, neat code. He's fast, efficient, and has a no-nonsense approach to whatever job is at hand. He also has a great sense of beauty and a keen artistic eye, as his designs are beautiful and compelling. I heartily recommend John's work to anyone who would be lucky enough to hire him.

Timothy Smith
Executive Director at Community Greenhouse Partners

John is one of those guys who seems to know everything about computers. He is always learning new things and welcomes a challenge. He taught me quite a bit about Flash design and a lot about computers, the internet, servers, search engine optimization & much more. He has a good design sense as well - just check out the websites he's designed. We worked together for about 3 years and I found him to be a laid-back person who is easy to deal with.

Joe Baker
Sole Proprietor at Joe's Fun House

John is a very hard worker with a great eye and fresh ideas. He not only understands the artistic elements of production and design, but he understands the business and marketing side of a great idea. As a marketing director, it was a pleasure to work with a designer who "gets" the clients and can put themselves in the shoes of a consumer. John has a great ability to see many sides of one equation, and will approach a project with the utmost focus and consideration.

Courtney Baker
1st Vice President at International Dyslexia Association, Northern Ohio Branch

John is a great resource for not only getting projects and orders completed, but being able to contribute creatively when relied upon. While being relied upon to wear multiple "hats" professionally, John not only performed these tasks, but excelled while helping colleagues and customers; it was a pleasure working with John.

Thomas Lazar
Regional Sales Manager at WTWH Media LLC

I worked with John at Brown and Miller Advertising. While we did not work on any projects together, I would often go to John with technical questrions about advanced web design issues and computertechnology in general. His depth of knowledge was very impressive and he was always glad to help.

Daniel Peace
Neo Marketing

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